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Working Mums

Brenda Jameson

Working Mums

Advice for Entering Back in to the Workplace

Getting back into the workforce after having a bub/s can be daunting, whether it be 6 weeks to 2 years or 5+ years. You will feel waves of emotions and lots of questions! Trust me I know, I entered back into the workplace when my little one was 9 months old. I found myself asking- are my skills still up to date? Should I go back full time or part time? What has changed in my industry? Will the gap in my career affect my salary?

It can take time to find the right job, so be patient and identify what’s most important to you and what you can sacrifice.

These are the things I had to consider when looking at a new job:

  • Flexibility

  • Training and development

  • Onsite parking

  • Reasonable pay

  • Stability

  • Supportive environment

Things you can do:

  • Network: Connect with people who are in the industry you’re wanting to get into through LinkedIn or an old colleague and contact them to arrange a time to meet.

  • New Course/Study: Enrol in relevant short courses or further education.

  • Volunteer and work experience: Gaining relevant work experience can sometimes be the foot back in the door.

  • Job expos: The Big Meet, Careers and Employment expos are worth going to meet a wide range of employers from both public and private sectors, non-for-profit organisations and industry professionals.

  • Finally, the last step is knowing your pay entitlements and rights, so when applying for jobs you know what you’re entitled to. Have a look at what salary similar roles are advertised at and compare. Contact a recruiter for extra salary information or have a look at the online reports that are released each year giving salary guides.

Also never forget that you have support! There are also other mums who have or is in the same boat, never be afraid to reach out and seek advice from others.