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What Is Your Digital Footprint?

Brenda Jameson


​And why should you care about it as a job-seeker?

Your Digital footprint is a trail of data you create while using the Internet. This includes both your “Passive Digital Footprint” and your “Active Digital Footprint”

What I’m going to talk about is your “Active Digital Footprint” photos, post likes, written blogs, comments on articles, website interactions, online and public chat forums, social media profiles and anything that you share on the internet.

I would assume it is common knowledge that what you do online, is not as “private” as what we originally thought, but why does that matter when you are job seeking?

In our profession we speak to our clients regularly about their interview process, it is not uncommon to do a Google search or Facebook check on the person they are interviewing PRIOR to the interview. That might come as a bit of a shock or even a bit far-fetched but remember what you put out in the public domain is exactly that, public! If you are going to be representing the company then they need to think about whether you fit their brand and reputation.

What to do?

  • Do an online search and see what comes up when you search your name. If you have social media profiles like Facebook/Instagram under your name, then have a look what it looks like as a public view. Does it represent you in a way that you are happy with? Make pictures and content private for only your friends and family.

  • Not only images you share online can be seen, but opinion pieces or blogs, arguments on a comment thread, even your “likes”. 

It is great to express yourself online but ultimately you need to make the call about what content you would like public, as it may just affect your next job interview!