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How to Build a Successful Team

Author Bentley Recruitment

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1. Establish Expectations
  • Set ground rules and let your expectations be known from the start

  • Define the standard of conduct for the team to ensure that each person’s conduct and contributions are appropriate

2. Create a Clear Map
  • Map out what is the overall goal and how you are going to measure the progress

  • Set, implement and track goals as a team to increase efficiency and improve productivity

  • Line up the priorities and have a clear map to success

3. Clear Communication
  • Good teams brainstorm solutions and provide status updates when completing tasks

  • Clear streamline communication helps with clarifying who is in charge and eliminates unnecessary problems that may occur in the workplace

4. Diversify Perspectives
  • Hire people from different backgrounds, experiences, and ages

  • Cover your blind spots and surround yourself with people who will inform the judgment calls you make and the content you put out

5. Shared Culture
  • Unite the team with a company culture

  • This allows people feel to like they belong, and they are more important than just a number

  • Studies show that strong culture correlates with stronger performance and results

6. Celebrate and Reward
  • Celebrate both team and individual performance

  • This will build morale and motivate your team to continue working hard