Employees are the backbone of every company. Allow us to help you build your dream team!

Our specialist, qualified recruitment consultants have a wealth of experience in recruiting for the Accounting, Financial Services and Business Support sectors. We offer expert search and sourcing techniques and our database and networks allow us to provide immediate quality candidates to fill high demand, “difficult to fill” roles. Trust us to take you through the recruitment process to find the ideal, qualified employee. Whether it be a permanent, temporary or contract position.

Why Bentley

Our goal is to utilize a wealth of knowledge, professionalism and passion to ensure we make a positive difference and add value to the recruitment process.

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In a candidate short market, job advertisements only reach a small pool of active candidates. With Bentley, you can access an extensive 'passive' talent pool of well-matched candidates who are actively seeking work, but happy for us to approach them with their dream job

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Recruitment fees may seem daunting, but the cost of not having an employee in a seat can be substantial - especially in candidate short markets where losses creep up over longer periods. Bentley operates on a contingency basis so if no candidate is hired, no fees are charged.

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Our specialist focus in recruiting for your industry provides us with an unrivalled understanding of your specific requirements, allowing us to successfully market, advertise and interview for your roles.

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Shorten the time it takes to fill your vacancy by allowing us to utilise best-practice hiring methods and market your role to our talent pool of over 35,000 professional, many of which likely possess the exact skills and experience you are looking for.

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As business partners, our clients benefit from being marketed and represented anytime that we are networking or speaking with potential job seekers. Your brand extends a lot further than your online or physical presence.

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Through regular conversations with clients and candidates, we gain valuable knowledge about our industries. We can keep you informed of market trends, salary rates, employee expectations and innovative ideas to help you stay competitive.