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  • Resigning

    How to resign from your job and leave on good terms.

    ​Quitting from a job can be a somewhat stressful and daunting process. Emotions can be overwhelming and anxiety can be high, even if you are leavin...

  • Chess

    Choosing The Right Recruiter For You

    ​So you’ve decided it’s time to look for a new role or change the direction that your career is heading in.  Congratulations – you’ve just complete...

  • Millianial
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    Ally Gibson

    Posted about almost 2 years ago

    Interview Tips for Millennials

    ​You may have the perfect Resume, but if you don’t present well at an interview, you might not receive that job offer you are looking for! As a mi...

  • Leaving
    Chris Robinson

    Chris Robinson

    Posted about almost 2 years ago

    Thinking about leaving your job? Why it is never really the right time

    ​If there’s one thing I hate in business, it’s platitudes. But the adage “It’s never the right time” when looking to broaden your horizons holds a ...

  • Dsc 3658
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    Molly Edwards

    Posted about almost 2 years ago

    Easy Mistakes you can make in a Job Interview

    ​There are a few mistakes you can make in an interview that will reduce your chances of getting a job offer. Forbes (2019) recently concluded that ...

  • Happy Man

    Is it important to love what you do?

    ​How do you start your day? Are you one of those people who hits snooze on their alarm over and over again, putting off the inevitable of getting r...

  • Mistake
    Bentley Recruitment

    Bentley Recruitment

    Posted about about 2 years ago

    How to handle mistakes at work?

    “Make as many mistakes as you want... Just don't make them twice.”Without mistakes you never REALLY learn what the consequences of your actions are...

  • Jump
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    Jye Blanch

    Posted about about 2 years ago

    How to make your CV standout

    ​No matter how experienced you are, the most important part of your job application is your CV. Or Curriculum Vitae (if you want to be fancy) or j...

  • Tea
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    Lauren Dawney

    Posted about about 2 years ago

    Two things I do everyday!

    ​Mindfulness in the workplaceThere has been a lot of noted benefits of practicing mindfulness during your day- but can it be helpful at work? I bel...