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What's Important To The Millenial Job Seeker?

Brenda Jameson

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​Every company wants to attract hot young talent, but what worked ten years ago doesn’t have the same results today. Each generation has its own “language” when it comes to the workplace, and for that reason, Millennials respond to different things!

Did you know that by 2020 nearly half of the working population will be composed of Millennials? (Alton, 2017)

With that in mind, you can see the importance of connecting with this demographic! Undercover Recruiter (2018) has identified three important points that employers should keep in mind when recruiting Millennial job-seekers:

1.     Tap into what they care about!

According to Undercover Recruiter (2018), millennials look for and value three main features on job ads:

  • Career progression

  • Future Learning

  • Great Organisational Culture

2.     Pay attention to transferable skills, not years of experience

Millennials just want a chance to prove themselves!

  • Remember, Millennials have been in the workforce for less than ten years

  • Most have recently graduated and are looking

  • Focus on their potential, and what they could become, not what they don’t have

  • And remember that a completed degree shows that they can apply themselves and that is certainly transferable in the workplace!

3.     Work/Life Balance

Millennials want a work-life balance. Their bosses just don’t get why!

  • Statistics show that Millennials strive for a healthy work-life balance but struggle to achieve it. According to Alton (2017), Millennials (and most professionals in the workforce) want to work in an environment that prioritises the health and happiness of its workers – even if that means forfeiting a bit of their pay!

  • Healthy work environments often allow for flexible working hours, personal leave, vacation time, work from home opportunities and appreciation for personal needs like parenthood.

  • Millennials also see that technology frees them to work productively from anywhere, so embracing the ‘work from home’ aspect would be a bonus! Today, companies that expect their employees to sacrifice everything for their jobs just aren’t going to survive!