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Are You Ready to Move?

Brenda Jameson

Hussain Matheen 1249466 Unsplash

Changing jobs can be a daunting process.  It’s a huge decision! The interview process alone can be overwhelming and sometimes quite lengthy.  The majority of companies will want to meet with you at least twice and quite often there can be testing processes in place also which draws out the process.  So how do you know that you are truly ready to commit to the process and make the move?  There are a number of things to consider before you start applying for new roles and meeting with recruiters. 

Firstly, be clear in your mind what the reasons are that you want to move.  You need to determine the factors that are causing you to seek out new opportunities.  Have you reached a point where there is no opportunity for career growth?  Is it necessary to step outside of your current employment in order to achieve career satisfaction?  Is it salary – do you feel undervalued and underpaid for the work that you’re doing?  Perhaps the working environment isn’t stimulating or comfortable.  Whatever the reason, make certain that you are clear in your mind what it is that’s making you unhappy.  Make a list and work out if these are things that can be changed without having to seek out a new opportunity.   

Secondly, do you have the time to commit to the interview process? This is a part of the process that is often overlooked.  In order to gain a new role, you must be prepared to commit to working with your recruiter and meet with potential employers. This can entail multiple interviews, testing and meetings.  To ensure that this process runs smoothly for you, the best thing you can do is be absolutely clear in your mind what your next step looks like.  Taking the time to work out what you don’t want in a workplace is just as important as being clear about what you do want. Being clear about this and upfront with your recruiter will assist them in ensuring they are only talking to you about roles that will be suitable.  In turn, this ensures that you are spending your time interviewing with companies that can offer you what you’re seeking.  Your time is precious – use it wisely!

Thirdly, work out what your non negotiables are. What are the conditions that you absolutely won’t compromise on?  Is it salary?  Is it career progression opportunities or flexible work options? Is it simply location?  By working out what it is that you absolutely need from a role will determine whether or not your current environment isn’t able to offer you what you need. 

The final thing to consider is approaching your Manager/Supervisor/HR  to see if any of the conditions that are making you want to move can be changed.  If it’s career progression opportunities you’re seeking, have you approached management to discuss your career path? Are they aware of what your career goals are? On the flip side, there could be opportunities available that you aren’t aware of simply because you haven’t had that conversation.  Often it pays to set a meeting for the purpose of a career overview to ascertain whether or not there is any flexibility with your current employer. No matter what the outcome, you will come away with a clearer direction of whether or not you need to start seeking out new opportunities.    

Sometimes a run of bad days at work or things not going to plan can create the immediate feeling that you need to find something new.  It’s important when this happens that you sit back and think – will this pass?  Is this just a temporary situation?  Don’t let a few bad days force you into a decision you might regret – be clear about the reasons you want to move and even clearer about what your next step looks like.  It will make the entire process much smoother!

Ask yourself, are you really ready to move?