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Make Your Business Sexy

Brenda Jameson

Red Fish

​I have been in the recruitment industry for nearly 10 years and two factors stand out as major attractions for job seekers:

Benefits and Culture. Major job boards, such as SEEK, offer regular insights and data on candidate activity to support this claim.

So what can employers do to attract and KEEP top talent?

How do you make your business sexy?

Below is a list of benefits and cultural attractions that some of my clients have implemented:

  •  Flexible start and finish times

  • Work from home days  

  • Catered breakfasts or lunches

  • Regular company events and social functions

  • Annual birthday leave

  • Training and development budget per employee

  • Supported study (financial and leave)

  • Sign-on bonus

  • Dinner vouchers (particularly for industries
    that require regular overtime)

  • Holiday vouchers

  • Massage/spa vouchers

Want to take it to the next level?

  • New Employee Start Pack! Do you want to start a new relationship off on the right foot? Then make new starters feel more welcome with a starter pack. Imagine your new starter heading to their desk for the first time and greeted with some personalised gifts.

This is such a topical issue for many of my clients. It’s hard to know when, how and why employers should provide these benefits. Many ask me if they should be automatically given or provided as a reward on good performance?

I suppose my view is always: what would you do to have the best talent AND to keep the best talent in your business?