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How to stay fit and focused at work!

Brenda Jameson


“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”— not Albert Einstein?

It's funny how the very start of this positive article nearly attributed to me actually not staying focused on the article. I wanted to research to make sure it was Albert who stated it and like everything these days everyone has an opinion that is correct. Some people say he did quote this and of course other people disagree.

I think however this quote began it’s certainly of benefit for the start of this latest blog post.

There are many thoughts on staying fit and focused at work some people enjoy a clean working area while others enjoy mountains of paperwork around them. There seems to be one constant across the different opinions of all people on this subject, a solid weekly and daily bullet point to do lists work and this is a good practice for everyone to adopt.

So let’s continue that way;

  • Plan ahead, at the end of a day or the beginning of the current day plan all your important tasks in order of importance.

  • Set 3 goals that you would make you feel like your day was productive, also it's important to keep them realistic.

  • During important tasks close down your email to remove distraction’s. This is not always possible but it’s a good idea to allocate slots in your calendar to daily activities that are core to your current positions key performance indicators.

  • Desk layout can certainly help with staying fit at work some companies focus on a comfortable seat and even duel screen set up for their staff. Other businesses promote and endorse stand up desks which I can personally attest to helping with motivation in the mid afternoon or final hours in the day when you need to still give 100%.

  • Be healthy and get out of the office during lunch, going to the gym or a walk at lunch time will set you up for a solid afternoon of work.

  • Catching up with a friend for lunch also improves your afternoons productivity, generally getting out of the office and resetting your mental state for the afternoon ahead. Just be careful of those big meals and too much Alcohol that’s not going to help with the afternoon motivation levels.

  • Stay away from social media, this is the biggest distraction of the modern working age. This can be hard but if we come back to setting times for sole tasks through the day this will help with this temptation.

  • Less coffee and more water, even though we might love our morning Coffee apparently studies show to much caffeine might actually lead to dizziness and also actually make it difficult to concentrate.

  • Use noise-cancelling headphones, this particularly helps if you have a loud and crazy office environment. Not always recommended for constant use as you want to be part of the team but certainly help with the allocated focus slots.

  • Some businesses encourage listening to music to focus during important administration and detailed orientated tasks.

  • Meditation before during or after work can have huge positive benefits along with some people enjoying a work time power nap to recharge the batteries for the afternoon.

  • Finally, some leaders in this area promote a scheduled time to be distracted, and practice not being distracted, which all starts to become very confusing.

Real life feedback would be interesting, do you go to the gym at lunch or go for a sleep?

Do you set time for not being distracted or actually feel your diet general health and a good night’s sleep the night before are the major players for an employee’s focus at work?