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Benefits of Working in Regional/Rural Queensland

Brenda Jameson

Regional Qld

​Have you ever considered making the move to Regional or Rural Queensland?

I know what you’re thinking, “Why would I make the move out of the city, when my whole life is here?” Well, working in Regional Queensland offers several personal and professional benefits that you should know about!

Typically, Regional Queensland offers a more relaxed lifestyle, and the opportunity to live in a quieter environment where you can escape the city chaos, but that’s not all! Studies show that making the move can positively impact your well-being, due to more flexibility, work-life balance and career progression opportunities! Not to mention the attractive remuneration packages and above market salaries!

You will also experience a supportive local community and benefit from living close to work, so say goodbye to your hour-long commutes on public transport!


  • Rural and regional areas accommodate more than a third of Australia’s population and generates two-thirds of its net export

  • Seven million people, or 37 per cent of the Australian population, live outside state and territory capital cities

  • The healthy, friendly and safe environment and community lifestyle of regional Australia attracts many people from the cities

  • Major sectors of the Australian economy—resources, energy and primary industries—are in regional Australia.

The work itself can be life changing, so what are you waiting for?

Give me a call if you want to explore options!