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Tips to Writing a Good Resume

Author Bentley Recruitment

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Here are our TOP TIPS to help you write the perfect resume!

This is the best time of year to apply for roles as we have countless new opportunities as we head into the New Year. Be sure to incorporate these tips into your resume to impress recruiters and employers, and secure your new job!

1. Length

The ideal length of a Resume is 2 - 3 pages MAXIMUM! The intention of a resume is to put together relevant and succinct information so that you will be invited to interview for a role. The interview is the time for you to provide more in-depth details on your life/work history - no the resume!

2. Layout

Keep the layout well-spaced and not overly cluttered. You want potential employers to be able to easily read through your resume. We recommend following this structure:

  • Personal Summary

  • Career History

  • Qualifications

  • Key Skills/Expertise

  • Interests

  • References

3. Personal summary

Ensure your personal summary is specific to the role you are applying for and easy to read! Include a brief summary of your career history and highlight your key areas of expertise.

4. Clearly state all relevant information

For all previous roles, clearly state; Name of employer, your Job/Position title, and the dates of employment

i.e. Recruitment Consultant at Bentley Recruitment, 2016 - Present

5. Duties & Responsibilities

Keep concise and only include the points that are relevant/important for an employer to read. Prioritise your list with the most relevant points at the top.

6. Check you Online Presence!

Make sure your LinkedIn profile accurately reflects what is shown on your resume. Employers check (and so do we!).