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So, you survived your probation period .... now what?

Brenda Jameson

Business Meeting

Starting a new job is always filled with excitement. You go in with an open mind, ready to learn, but when your probation ends and you settle into your new role, it is easy to lose motivation. So how can you stay motivated and continue to progress after your probation is up?

Stay on task

Now that you are no longer sitting next to your manager it is even more important to stay on task and make sure you are remaining productive. Plan out your day in your calendar and use it to stay accountable to your time.

Always ask for feedback

Some employers are great at continuing to provide feedback and training long after your probation period is over, however some will choose to leave it up to you. If you are not receiving enough feedback from your manager, show some initiative and see how you can improve.

Refocus on your career goals

Remember that you are working towards a lasting career. It is easy to let yourself get bogged down by medial tasks and lose sight of your career goals but refocus and set your eyes on the end prize.

Always challenge yourself

As a new employee it is easy to feel like you aren’t as experienced as others but just because you are new to a role, doesn’t mean you aren’t capable. If there is an opportunity to take on more responsibility or have exposure to new tasks, make sure you put your hat in the ring! Having a varied role will always leave you feeling more motivated.

It is easy to relax into a new role after your probation is up, but this is when it becomes most important to take ownership of you role and work towards a lasting career!