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Benefits of using a Recruitment Agency and How to choose the right one

Brenda Jameson

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Looking for a new job can be a somewhat daunting and emotional process. Utilising a recruitment agency can be the solution to a simple and even enjoyable job hunt, particularly if you find the right one for you!

Here's why:

-         Time saver: Unfortunately, life for a modern professional is busy and time poor! Once you partner with a recruitment agency that understands your job search requirements, you can continue with everyday life while the agency does the leg work for you. It saves you from spending hours applying for positions, tailoring your resumes and cover letters, addressing suitability questions online, and following up on your applications. 

-         It’s free! Recruitment agencies are a free service for job seekers! That’s right, agencies are requested by companies and are paid once the agency fills their vacancy. There is no cost at all to the job seeker. 

-         Access to vacancies that aren’t public: Many companies don’t like to advertise positions on a public job site, particularly positions that aren’t yet “open”. Others prefer to use an agency to save time and money. Some companies simply don’t have the expertise to find the right person, and chose to outsource this function to an agency. Whatever the reason, there will always be vacancies that can only be accessed through a recruitment agency. 

-         Personal cheerleader: Having someone advocate for you and follow up on your applications can put you ahead of other applicants! Many employers will advertise for their own vacancy, as well as utilise the services of a recruitment agency at the same time. Unfortunately, your application can be lost in the mix of responses when you apply through advertised jobs. An agency however, can continue to follow up with the company and advocate for your application. 

How to choose the right agency for you? 

  1. Find your “ long-term hairdresser” 

  2. Choose an industry expert:  

  3. Are they recommended? 

Finding a recruitment agency and consultant that you can build a long-term relationship with is highly valuable for your career!  Once you find the right one you can gain access to valuable career advice, and even enjoy the job hunting process!